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Royal Send-Off Funeral Coach - A Dignified Farewell to their loved ones

Flyinng Squad Ambulance Service & Flyinng Squad Funeral Care (HOMAGE) launched Special Funeral Coaches in Chennai 3 years back. Special Funeral Coaches are meant to ensure that the bereaved relatives & friends bid a dignified farewell to their loved ones.

Of late our Special Royal Send-Off Funeral Coaches are proving very helpful by helping people to at-least see their loved ones from outside of the vehicle where the vehicle is covered with Glass and anybody can see it from outside. Many find this vehicle is very advantageous in this aspect and come forward to use it, especially for Covid-19 victims.

Apart from this we also provide live video streaming facility so that it may help people to watch the funeral ceremony who are not able to attend it. We are pleased with the growing interest for these features as a gesture of good sentiment among the public.








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