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ALZHEIMER'S MYTHS AND FACTS -Flyinng Squad Ambulance Service

The terms Alzheimer's Disease and Dimentia are used interchangeably but, the fact is Alzheimer's is just one type of Dimentia. Dimentia refers to reasoning, behavior and memory. Lewy body dimentia, frontotemporal and vascular dementia are the other types of dementia.

Just because a biological parent has Alzheimer’s does not mean that their children will have. A person’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s is higher, if they have certain genetic variations or mutations that can be passed on from the parents.

It is believed that People in their 70s and older only get Alzheimer’s disease. But, the fact is people in age group of 30s and mid 60s and people with Down Syndrome (a congenital condition like flattened skull, large tongue, short stature, some degree of limitation of intellectual ability, pronounced folds of skin in the inner corners of eyes) may also develop Alzheimer’s.

People may be forgetful as they age. However, signs of taking lot of time for making a decision, recognizing friends and family, losing track of time and date are not a part of ageing.

It is believed that there are no treatments available for Alzheimer’s. However, there has been a significant progress toward developing better treatment.

In general, leading a healthy lifestyle such as: controlling high blood pressure, maintaining healthy weight, staying mentally and physically active sleeping seven to eight hours may help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s Disease could be detected through Biomarker Tests, Genetic Tests nowadays.

Flyinng Squad Ambulance Service an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization who are in the field of Ambulance (with fleets of Ambulances fitted with ultra modern equipment of all kinds including Air Suspension in all their vehicles) also specialized in Homage (A to Z Funeral Services) for more than 4 decades (43 years), with their dedicated staff and para medical staff who have been trained to handle the patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, with our expertise helps the patients with Alzheimer’s Disease in all the ways.

Flying Squad Ambulance Service wishes patients around the world for speedy recovery and Diseases Free world.

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Excellent in dealing with the accompanies of the deceased patients . very kind approach &communication with the public

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