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Vehicle population of Chennai has the second highest number, next to our capital New Delhi. The reason for Chennai City’s traffic jam is because, Chennai, as per the NCRB’s report, has the highest vehicle density in India, besides deadliest roads in the Country after New Delhi. One could see two-wheelers occupy every inch of the road, space available, climbing over footpaths, drivers peep out their heads and abuse at the vehicles in front; horns blare from all sides, a traffic policeman stands in the midst of the vehicles piled up, attempting to bring order to anarchy. 

For any resident in Chennai, who ventures out during peak-hour traffic, this is an everyday nightmare that they are forced to put up with.  

Traffic has become a hurdle for an Ambulance to make a emergency patient reach the hospital during busy traffic.

In this growing traffic conditions especially during the peak hours in metropolitan cities, an Ambulance with siren indicates an acute emergency and it is the duty of every citizen to make its way smoother and faster "as soon as possible" to save someone's life! 

We, the Flyinng Squad Ambulance Service,Kilpauk are in the field for more than 43 years request the Public;

  • As soon as an Ambulance is noticed with a siren and lights on, immediately try to go aside and stop your vehicle there, so that a free space is created for the movement of Ambulance. 

  • Don't horn loudly and ride ahead of Ambulance. Instead, silently go aside and stop, till the Ambulance passes.  

  • Except for the Ambulance with emergency patient, no other vehicle should jump the red signal.

  • In our experience in the field, we find few riders/drivers make it an opportunity to follow behind the Ambulance which increases in the number of vehicles on the street and creates a more uncomfortable situation. All the more, when the Ambulance suddenly slows down for a good reason, the riders rushing behind the Ambulance maintaining with its speed hit the Ambulance and make an accident. This has to be avoided. It should always be remembered that 5 to 10 minutes of delay may not make any major difference but that makes a lot of difference for the ambulance during an emergency!  

  • Never horn or overtake an Ambulance on duty. This is to ensure faster, smoother and safer movement of Ambulance.

Follow traffic rules; Give way - Give life; Make way - Make life and save a Life


May 20, 2022

Realistic & true Shall act as one among them with the inner feelings even one life savings leads to great satisfaction n


glakshminarasimhan lakshmi
glakshminarasimhan lakshmi
May 20, 2022

Crisp and Nice.... Sure should pave way to Ambulance on priority...Give way and Give Life.

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