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Exactly What The Patient Need

FLYINNG SQUAD AMBULANCE SERVICE is one of the reputed Private Ambulance Service Companies of Chennai serving the people of Chennai for the last 4 decade. Flyinng Squad provides the following services,

  • Advanced Life Support Ambulance

  • Basic Life Support Ambulance

  • Pregnancy Care Ambulance

  • New Born Baby - Neonatal Care Ambulance

  • Senior Citizen Care Ambulance

  • Accident Care Ambulance

  • Fracture Patient Transfer Ambulance

  • Long Distance Patient Transfer Ambulance

  • ICU Plus - Highly Sophisticated Ambulance

  • 99.9% Germ Free Ambulance

  • Mini Ambulance

  • Ventilator Ambulance

  • Emergency Ambulance Service

  • Air Suspension Ambulance - Smoothest Ambulance

Ambulance Service In Chennai: Welcome
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