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A Train Experience in An Ambulance - First of its kind Ambulance in India.

Your Safety & Comfort is Our Priority.

Now our Ambulance is equipped with 5 Sleeper Berths.

The New Age Ambulance in India has improved quite a lot in the last Ten years with the inclusion & provision for many features within the Ambulance. We at Flyinng Squad Ambulance Service Company with our 43 years of expertise as Ambulance Service Provider involve ourselves in continuous research for the betterment in the improvement of the infrastructure of an Ambulance. Our latest innovations is Sleeper Ambulance, which is first of its kind which enables the Caregiver (Patient's Attender) also to travel comfortably. The traditional Ambulance Setup with a stretcher is designed majorly in the Patient's perspective whereas the relatives accompanying the Patient experience lack of comfort throughout the travel due to their seating posture and space constraints.

Our ICU Plus Ambulance gives the Advantage to the Caregiver also, we have 4 Sleeper Berths in the Patient Cabin and 1 Sleeper Berth in the Driver's Cabin. This enables the Passengers also to rest and relax in a long distance travel.

As we have mentioned that this is the first of its kind in an Ambulance in India and this is conceptualized and implemented with our own experience during the long distance Patient Transfer in Ambulance and also got feedback from lot of Customers.

Generally a Patient will be accompanied by 3 or 4 relatives in the Ambulance and most of the cases there will be atleast 1 aged person will travel with the patient and they face difficulties in the existing setup as it is only limited to Sitting while travelling and most of them fell sick due to the tiredness of the travelling long distances like Chennai to Assam, Kolkata, etc. We have implemented and incorporated many comfort features within the Ambulance like AIR SUSPENSION for smooth travel experience but with this introduction of SLEEPER BERTHS in Ambulance will definitely favor the Caregivers with tireless long distance journey.

Flyinng Squad Ambulance Service has contributed a lot in the evolution of Ambulances in India, we have introduced lot of features and which is now seen common and default in all the Ambulances, some are listed below,

1. Oxygen Cylinder / Supply in Ambulance

2. Movable Stretcher

3. Medical Assistant / Paramedic in Ambulance

4. Air Conditioning

5. Inverter setup for external power for medical equipment’s

6. Integration of 3 D-Type Oxygen Cylinders for long distance Patient Transfer

7. Side Freezer for Emergency - Used in case the Patient collapse while travelling. The Human Remains will be transferred to the Side Freezer until the destination.

8. Air Suspension Ambulance

We are sure our latest feature of SLEEPER BERTHS will be seen in all the new Ambulances from now and will become very popular soon. We are very happy that we could bring in more and more features to the Ambulance and it is helping in the transformation of Ambulances in India.

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Mani Kandan
Mani Kandan

Good ambulance service

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