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Dreadful Covid-19 & Brave, Selfless Ambulance Personnel

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Starting from the Day 1 of Covid-19 Spread in Chennai during the month of March 2020 we supported the Covid-19 Victims.

We are very much aware of the high risk, impact, seriousness of Covid-19 and very cautiously handled the situation. The management team strategized a Prevention plan as we are the front-line Covid-19 workers and highly prone to Covid-19 attack.

Ensured 100% Safety:

We constantly and carefully followed all the preventive precautions and trained, motivated, educated all our staff members to strictly follow the Government Directions. All the ambulances are fumigated after each trip, Immunity Supplementary Medicines as prescribed by the Government is given to all staff members and maintained good hygiene.

Dedicated Ambulance for Covid-19 Support:

Not all the Ambulances are used for the this purpose, we have dedicated ambulances for this purpose.

Our Covid-19 Warriors:

We owe and salute our staff for having trust and confidence with us and supported during this Covid-19 Crisis.

Phase 1: Total 2 Ambulances

Mr. P. Shankaran

Mr. Abuthair

Mr. A. Pradeep

Mr. V. Ramesh

Phase 2: Total 9 Ambulances

Mr. Vinoth (Office Incharge)

Mr. Muthu Kumar

Mr. Aravindan

Mr. Vasanth

Mr. Vijay

Mr. Ahamed Meeran

Mr. Arokya Suresh

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi

Mr. Murugavel

Mr. Kalidoss

Phase 3: Total 12 Ambulances

Mr. P. Karthik

Mr. Vinoth Kumar

Mr. Siva Kumar

Mr. Vijaya Raghavan

Mr. Murugan

Mr. Govind

Mr. Venkat

Mr. Gupta

Appeal to Public:

Be Aware of the Risk, Be a responsible Citizen and Act Responsibly.

Flyinng Squad Covid-19 Front-liners



Ambulance Fumigation Process

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