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ICU Plus - A New Benchmark In Indian Ambulance History

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

“The ICU Plus”, is a Sturdy & Steady Ambulance which is first of its kind in India. ICU Plus designed after a lot of research to overcome the present limitations in the Ambulances in India also this design is an inspiration from an American Ambulance manufacturer. The Name itself signifies its advantage i.e., PLUS. We wish and hope this design will set a Benchmark in setting standards for Ambulance in City.

  • Easi-Loader (Automatic Stretcher Lifter) – Boon for Obese & Spine Injured Patients. This facility helps to lift the stretcher without any shake or disturbance, fully automatic 

  • Bio Toilet- Most required for a nonstop long distance journey 

  • Sleeper Berth for Caregiver -  Most required for a nonstop long distance journey 

  • Guchen AC – AC that runs even when the Engine is Switched Off. 

  • Mini Refrigerator -  To keep the Emergency Medicines 

  • Mini Pantry – Required for a nonstop long distance journey 

  • Spacious Room, separate space for Luggage 

  • Live Video Streaming – Doctor to Monitor the Patient while in the Ambulance from remote location 

  • Panic Alert- In case of crisis 

  • Life Saving Equipment 

  • 3 in 1 Stretcher by Ferno


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