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Dead Body Freezer Box Patented on 11th of November 1999 by our founder Mr. PRMM Shantha Kumar

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

India is a Country with great Human Values. Indians have a great sentiments towards Departed Loved One and they are treated Godly. Every family in India on an event of Death, the deceased is kept at home for Final Tribute. This aspect is considered very important and all the relatives and friends gather to pay Homage

In the initial days the dead body is preserved by kept over the Dry ICE Bars so that it helps to give some time for all the relatives lives far away to come pay their Final Tribute & Homage to their departed loved one. Similarly the same way Dry ICE Bars are used in Mortuary Van when there is a need to take the deceased to their native for Final Rites

We made a lot of research work to preserve the Deceased considering the climatic conditions and the properties of Human Body and finally came up with the “Dead Body Freezer Box” in the concept “Keeping the Dead Alive”. We can proudly say that as a great revolutionary concept was introduced in 1993 by our Founder and Chairman Dr. P.R.M.M SHANTHA KUMAR and even now the model remains same for the purpose. The Dead Body Freezer Box is Patented on 11th November 1999 at the Patent Office, Government Of India bearing the Design No. 180768

We struggled a lot to promote this Freezer Box in the Initial Days since it was heavy, huge in size than now, and moreover the people are accustomed with the traditional practice of using the Dry ICE and felt this is unnecessary at that juncture

The turning point for the Freezer Box happened in the year 2001 (21st July 2001) on the event of the demise of Most Respected, Loved & Famous Veteran Actor of Tamil Nadu CHEVALIER SIVAJI GANESAN Ayya, the Freezer Box was used for Ayya and the concept was much appreciated by the Family members of Sivaji Ayya and the Freezer Box served its purpose exceptionally well. On 30th Aug 2001 another event happened very next to Sivaji Ayya's loss was the demise of One of the great Politicians of Tamil Nadu Thiru G. K. Moopanar Ayya, Former Congress Leader. Freezer Box was used for G.K Moopanar Ayya as well and thereafter people started approaching us for the same

We are happy to see the widespread of the “Dead Body Freezer Box” and now it is the first search any where in India in the event of Death in a Family

We express our sincere gratitude and gratefulness to the Apollo Hospital Management Team, Chennai who recommended this Freezer Box to Family members of Sivaji Ayya and Moopanar Ayya and thereon this concept was well recognized by the people and still the design remains the same for the purpose


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