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Covid-19: Important - Standard Operating Procedure - Corporation Of Chennai - Kilpauk Garden Colony

Updated: Nov 12, 2020


Our Humble Thanks To Honorable Justice P. N. Prakash, Judge, High Court of Madras

and Resident of Kilpauk Garden Colony for sharing this important information


Covid-19: Kilpauk Garden Colony Point of Contact

Sector Health Worker: Mr. Thyagu, Mobile: 88386 77246

Sanitary Officer: Mr. V. Vijayakumar, Mobile: 94441 41920 / 94451 90708

Sanitary Inspector: Mr. K. Sathish Kumar, Mobile: 96004 82735

Zonal Health Officer: Dr. Priyadarshini, Mobile: 94451 90068 / 95660 20499

Zonal Medical Officer: Dr. Jebakani, Mobile: 82201 35591

Ambulance Service:

Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Mobile: 73388 93080

Mr. P.R.M.M Shantha Kumar: 98410 37699

Focus Volunteers:

Host of services like getting milk, vegetables, groceries, medicines, etc. for those in home quarantine

Mr. Sakthivel, Mobile: 98407 56722

Mr. B. Kishore, Mobile: 93846 37023

We salute all the front line workers for their dedication to fight against Covid-19



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